fran pascual

art director

the clitoris conquest

because while less than 30% of women reach climax during mixed-sex sexual activity, over 90% of men typically do.
but even though that may seem like an unconquerable divide, it’s one that most partners can bridge with the right knowledge – and a little bit of teamwork.
easytoys, Europe’s largest adult accessory retailer, decided to make the issue easier to address with a brand new reality show where 3 adventurous couples compete to find the peak of Mount Clitoris (a very real location in Tadian, Philippines) to discover a not-so-hidden treasure – all while coming closer together in the process.

after the trailer video, three different challenges were launched in weekly episodes on easyTV, each covering a different essential element to teach viewers at home how to conquer the clitoris together.

episode 1
— exploring the hidden valley

episode 2
— getting wet

episode 3
— reaching the peak